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Past and Current NR Research

Exploring perceptions of various specific features or elements of nature, such as green spaces, blue spaces, and wildlife.

Identifying individual differences in expressions of nature relatedness.

Investigating the effects of environmental education on nature relatedness and well-being.

Examining the effects of positive and negative framing on environmental messages.

Studying the influence of outdoor experiences on NR, well-being, and environmental concern.

Exploring affective forecasting related to time in nature, and individual differences in estimation of the psychological benefits associated with the natural environment.

Creating NR interventions, aimed at increasing connectedness to nature, environmental concern, and well-being.

Testing health behaviour change models in environmental contexts. Framing environmental issues as health issues.

Linking (dis)connection, materialism, and consumption-based happiness.

Testing the benefits of connectedness with nature, compared to general connectedness.

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