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The Mental and Physical Benefits of Getting Outdoors. (June, 2022), Discover

​​The Research on How Nature Affects Mental Health Has a WEIRD Problem. (May, 2022),


Stressed Out? Try the South Korean wellness trend 'hitting mung' (January, 2022), Today MSNBC

The secret to a calm family road trip? Nature. (November, 2021), National Geographic - Family


Back to Nature (June, 2020),


Nature is a Balm. Even When You Can’t Leave Home (April 10, 2020), The Christian Science Monitor


Nurtured by Nature (April 1, 2020), APA Monitor


Is Nature Your Brain’s Miracle Medicine? (March 17, 2020), The Healthy


Why Nature (February 11, 2020), Canada’s National Observer


Prescribing Nature (Fall, 2019), Nature Conservancy of Canada

What’s Your Nature Score? (Summer, 2019), Nature Conservancy of Canada


Why Walking Makes You a Better Worker (March 3, 2019), BBC Worklife


6 Game-Changing Reasons to Spend More Time Outside (October 23, 2017),


5 Science-Backed Reasons to Go Apple Picking This Weekend (September 22, 2017), NBC News


Spring Cleaning is in Our Nature: Getting Outside to Boost Mood and Reduce Stress (April 21, 2017), Arthur


Trent Students Clean Up Nature Trails with Environmental Psychology Professor Lisa Nisbet (March 31, 2017), Random Acts of Green


Your Happiness Could Depend on the Time You Spend Outdoors (July 12, 2016), Trent University


Take a Hike: Forest Bathing More Than a Stroll in the Woods (June 10, 2016), The Canadian Press


This is Your Brain on Nature (2016), National Geographic


Report Confirms Daily Dose of Nature Boosts Happiness, Well-being (July 10, 2014), David Suzuki Foundation


Canadian Cities Need More Green Space (July 7, 2014), Canadian Running

How Green Cities are Better for Us Physically and Psychologically (July 4, 2014), The Globe and Mail

13 Things Happy People Do Differently (June, 2014), The Weather Channel


30x30 Nature Challenge Accepted! (April 24, 2014), Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Dr. Elizabeth Nisbet Discusses 30x30 Nature Challenge Research and Using Nature to Maximize Well-being (October 28, 2013), Hiking Research


Research Discovers Happiness is Found Outdoors (August 14, 2013), Pique News Magazine


Back to Nature (July 30, 2013), CBC’s “Think About It” (radio)


How Nature Can Benefit Your Health and Happiness (June 18, 2012), Chatelaine

The Unexpected Rewards of ‘Nearby Nature’ (August 17, 2011), Huffington Post


Science Links Outdoor Activities and Happiness (Spring, 2011), Ottawa Outdoors


Psychologists Determine What it Means to Think ‘Green’ (August 13, 2008), USA Today

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